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Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US) Data Download

Download the Protected Areas Database (PAD-US).

National data cannot be exported to .shp as it exceeds the 2G limitation of the .dbf, causing errors. Contact the PAD-US Coordinator to request shapefiles by region, LCC or state.


ArcGIS v. 10 Geodatabase
This file will not work in Arc versions prior to v. 10. Large file may take awhile to download. The zip file contains a geodatabase in Arc 10 format, layer files and metadata files.

ArcGIS v 9.3 Geodatabase
Zip file contains an Arc v. 9.3 geodatabase, layer files, and metadata.

View protected areas statistics state by state (based on PAD-US version 1-2.)

Download a Map of your state’s protected areas

You can also download data by Region, LCC, or State boundary.  These .zip files consist of a file geodatabase containing two feature classes: the first feature class, called ‘PADUSXXXXFeeEasement’, contains the fee and easement lands; the second feature class, called ‘PADUSX_XMPA’, is the National MPA database. The national file is included in every download as not all of them are associated with a single State, Region, or LCC.

Get Data by Region

Get Data by Landscape Conservation
Cooperative Unit

Get Data by State

The following layer files display PADUS in ArcMap with the same symbology as the web service layers displayed on the viewer.

GAP Status Codes: for ArcGIS 10.0 for ArcGIS 9.x
IUCN Categories: for ArcGIS 10.0 for ArcGIS 9.x
Owner: for ArcGIS 10.0 for ArcGIS 9.x
Find WMS Web Services
Download the Protected Areas Database (PAD-US) Version 1-2
Download the Protected Areas Database (PAD-US) Version 1-1
PAD-US Metadata