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2007 Conference Posters

Published Jul 29, 2007

The following posters were presented at the 2007 GAP Conference:

Title Category Format
Appalachian Highlands Inventory & Monitoring Network Applications PDF
Creating a Crosswalk of GAP Stewardship Data to the IUCN Categories for Inclusion in the World Database for Protected Areas International PDF
GapServe Brings Gap Data Online Software PDF
Geographic analysis of habitat change for endemic animal species of Puerto Rico International PDF
Land Management Stewardship in the Southeastern United States Conservation Planning PDF
Lit Review Central: Consolidating comprehensive knowledge of wildlife habitat associations to map population viability Conservation Planning PDF
Methods and status of land cover mapping for the Northwest Gap Analysis Project Land Cover PDF
Southeast Regional Land Cover Dataset: From the Mountains to the Sea Land Cover PDF
PR USVI GAP: The challenge of GAP Analysis in multi-island territories International PDF
Suburban growth and forest expansion following agricultural abandonment in Puerto Rico (1991-2000) International PDF
Survey of Southeast protected lands and waters Land Management PDF
Survey of Southeast protected lands and waters Software PDF
Use of Minnesota GAP for Conservation Planning Conservation Planning PDF