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2007 Conference Presentations

Published Aug 10, 2007

The following presentations were made at the 2007 GAP conference:

Title Category Format
The American Conservation Landscape in 2076: Where, What, Who? Conservation Planning PDF
Applications of Science in Bureau of Land Management Decision Making Application PDF
Biological inventories from the Northern Colorado Plateau Network Inventory and Monitoring Program, National Park Service: Data certification and management Modeling PDF
Application of SWReGAP data to the Forest Program Spatial Analysis Project in Utah Application PPT
A classification tree model of ponderosa pine demonstrates the need to account for genetic variation when predicting species distributions Modeling PPT
Combining the efforts of the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project and CWCS in New Mexico and Colorado Outreach PDF
A Comparison of Current Land Cover Condition to NRCS Ecological Site Condition to NRCS Ecological Site Descriptions for Box Elder County, Utah Modeling PDF
Comparison of two methods for classifying land use and land cover for Gap Analysis at the “Rio el Grande” Region of Mexico Land Cover PPT
A comparative evaluation of the effect of sample size on four presence-only inductive modeling methods Modeling PPT
Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategies Conservation Planning PPT
Conservation planning using Southwestern ReGAP Data: Seven E’s in the Grand Canyon ecoregion Conservation Planning PDF
Contribution to Gap Analysis of Tamaulipas State, Mexico International PPT
Development and Applications of HI-GAP Land Cover Mapping Land Cover PDF
Development of an aquatic GAP for the Lower Colorado River Basin Aquatic PDF
Ecoregional conservation planning in the National Wildlife Refuge System: Strategy, methods, and needs for setting landscape-scale habitat objectives Conservation Planning PPT
Evaluating the influences of model parameters on GAP prediction areas and accuracies Modeling PPT
Focal species as conservation targets: An assessment of Idaho’s forests as comprehensive reserves Conservation Planning PPT
The future opportunities to leverage regional GAP data for implementation efforts in support of recently developed Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategies Conservation Planning PPT
Gap Analysis: Results and Inference in the Southwest Modling PDF
The GAP portal and GAP mapping Software PPT
GIS-based niche modeling for mapping species’ habitat Modeling PPT
Habitat Vulnerability Assessment for the Hudson River Valley Conservation Planning PPT
Hawaii GAP Analysis Program Outreach PPT
Identifying high priority conservation areas in Georgia, for both the state Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy and the Land Conservation Partnership Program Conservation Planning PPT
Importance of Aquatic GAP data for developing comprehensive strategies to conserve freshwater biodiversity an example from Missouri Conservation Planning PPT
The importance of spatial and environmental scale in conservation design across the urban-wildlands interface Modeling PDF
An information infrastructure for vegetation classification and documentation Land Cover PPT
Land cover mapping for the Northwest Regional GAP Project (NWGAP): Project progress in western Montana Land Cover PDF
LANDFIRE: A partnership for national fire and fuel assessment Conservation Planning PDF
Laying the Foundation for a Gap Analysis in Alaska: Conservation Status of Alaska Lands with the USGS GAP Framework Conservation Planning PPT
Mapping ecological systems in Western Washington for the USGS Gap Analysis Program (GAP) Land Cover PPT
Mapping vertebrates for Northwest ReGAP Modeling PPT
Mexico’s Marine GAP Analysis International PDF
Mexico’s Terrestrial Gap Analysis International PDF
Modeling species distributions in U.S. Forest Service Region 2, with special attention to improving models for riparian taxa Modeling PPT
Navajo Windy Land: An analysis of land suitable for wind energy development on the Navajo Reservation Conservation Planning PDF
Nevada Geospatial Data Browser: A spatial data archive for the Southwest Regional GAP Analysis Project Software PDF
An overview of animal-habitat modeling in Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Modeling PPT
Overview of Northwest Gap Analysis Project Outreach PPT
An overview of the Southwest Regional Gap Land Cover dataset Land Cover PPT
Patterns in invasive non-native plant distribution and land cover in Arizona Modeling PDF
A process evaluation of NC-GAP: Examining the use of GAP data in the biodiversity conservation policy process Conservation Planning PPT
Refining Gap models to meet conservation needs: A collaborative partnership Modeling PPT
Sagebrush vegetation mapping project: A large-scale mapping for sagebrush/shrub steppe habitats in the western U.S. Land Cover PDF
Scaling down from the Washington Gap analysis project: County biodiversity networks, bioblitz, and NatureMapping Modeling PDF
Southeast Gap Analysis Project overview Outreach PPT
State wildlife strategies: Drawing partners, data and managers together to conserve declining wildlife in every state Conservation Planning PPT
Stewardship mapping for Southwest Regional GAP Conservation Planning PDF
SWReGAP: An overview of project goals and organization Outreach PDF
SWReGAP Data to Estimate Change in a Watershed using a GIS-based based Hydrologic Modeling Approach Modeling PDF
Use of GAP data in development of state comprehensive wildlife conservation strategies Conservation Planning PPT
Use of ground data from GAP in combination with project-specific data for mapping cover of invasive annual grasses across Nevada Land Cover PDF
Using GAP Vegetation Data to Identify Fire Regime/Condition Class In Utah and Nevada Application PPT
Using the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project data to describe land cover and ownership patterns in Nevada for wildlife conservation planning Conservation Planning PDF