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July 2010

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GAP in Local Land Use Planning

Published Jul 30, 2010

This briefing paper describes how Gap Analysis can be used in city, county or other local land use planning processes. Download GAP in Local Land Use Planning >>  (PDF, 2.2mb)... Learn more >>

GAP for State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs)

Published Jul 30, 2010

GAP has a general factsheet describing how Gap Analysis and GAP data can be helpful to state agencies and organizations working on State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPS) Download GAP for Statewide Wildlife... Learn more >>

A Bibliography of GAP Publications

Published Jul 29, 2010

Current as of January 15, 2011 Download pdf Abbitt, R.J.F., J.M. Scott, D.S. Wilcove. 2000. Geography of Vulnerability.   Incorporating species geography and human development patterns into conservation planning. Biological Conservation.  ... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 17 (2009)

Published Jul 29, 2010

GAP Bulletin 17 covers program activity and features for 2009.   Download the entire Bulletin 17 (5.3mb, PDF), or individual articles: CONTENTS Program Overview Kevin Gergely National Land Cover Developments Anne Davidson GAP... Learn more >>