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USGS GAP Bulletin 18 (2010)

Published Jan 27, 2011

GAP Bulletin 18 covers program activity and features for 2010.   Download the entire Bulletin 18 (5.3mb, PDF), or individual articles:

GAP Program Reports

Executive Summary
Kevin Gergely

GAP National Land Cover Data: Recent Developments
Anne Davidson

GAP Stewardship Program Goals and Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US) Updates
Lisa Duarte

Mapping Species Ranges and Distribution Models across the United States
Jocelyn Aycrigg, Gary Beauvais, Tracey Gotthardt, Ken Boykin, Steve Williams, Steve Lennartz, K.T. Vierling, S. Martinuzzi, and L.A. Vierling


Using Gap Analysis of Long-term Biodiversity Protection to Inform Conservation Priorities: The Five Valleys Land Trust
Lisa Duarte

Modeling Vegetation Dynamics and Habitat Availability in the Southeastern U.S. Using GAP Data
Jen Costanza, Todd Earnhardt, Adam Terando, and Alexa McKerrow

Aquatic GAP Program Update
Andrea Ostroff

GAP Data Go Mainstream: Recent Applications of GAP Data
Jill Maxwell

Gap Analysis of Ecological Systems Nationwide
Jocelyn L. Aycrigg, Anne Davidson, Leona Svancara, Kevin J. Gergely, Alexa McKerrow, and J. Michael Scott

Project Reports

US Virgin Islands Gap Analysis Project
William A. Gould, Mariano Solórzano, Gary Potts, and Jessica Castro