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Avian Influenza Preparation in Minnesota

Published Jul 26, 2010

Map of captive game bird locations in Minnesota

Locations of captive game birds compared to populations of wild birds susceptible to avian influenza.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is closely monitoring the global avian influenza situation in wild birds.  In addition to ongoing monitoring of waterfowl disease, DNR is working in cooperation with the USGS and the Fish and Wildlife Service to determine future needs for monitoring of migratory wild birds for signs of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).

As part of the preparation for dealing with HPAI, DNR and other agencies have been collecting or building data on density of susceptible birds, both domestic and wild.  The MNGAP species hypergrid was used to model richness of migratory birds that are susceptible to HPAI.

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See the poster:  Use of Minnesota GAP for Conservation and Management Planning (PDF, 3.52mb)