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USGS GAP Bulletin 17 (2009)

Published Jul 29, 2010

GAP Bulletin 17 covers program activity and features for 2009.   Download the entire Bulletin 17 (5.3mb, PDF), or individual articles: CONTENTS Program Overview Kevin Gergely National Land Cover Developments Anne Davidson GAP... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 16 (2008)

Published Aug 11, 2008

Features Improving the Characterization and Mapping of Wildlife Habitats with Lidar Data: Measurement Priorities for the Inland Northwest, USA Sebastián Martinuzzi, Lee A. Vierling, William A. Gould, and Kerri T. Vierling Multiple... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 15 (2007)

Published Aug 9, 2007

Features Assigning conservation management status to Alaska’s lands Corinne Smith, Shane Feirer, Randy Hagenstein, Amalie Couvillion, Sarah Leonard Using GAP data to promote Land Trust goals Jill Maxwell and Karen Dvornich Biodiversity... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 14 (2006)

Published Aug 11, 2006

FEATURES Role of GAP Data in State Wildlife Plan Development: Opportunities and Lessons Learned Jill Maxwell Using the SWReGAP Data to Describe Landcover and Ownership Patterns in Nevada for Wildlife Conservation Planning... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 13 (2005)

Published Aug 11, 2005

FEATURES A Brief Overview of the Southwest Regional GAP Land Cover Mapping Effort John Lowry GAPServe Brings GAP Data Online Donna Roy and Jill Maxwell Refining Southeast Regional GAP Models for Use... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 12 (2003)

Published Aug 11, 2003

AQUATIC GAP A Comprehensive Biological Inventory Database for the Iowa Aquatic GAP Project Anna Loan-Wilsey, Robin L. McNeely, Patrick D. Brown, Kevin L. Kane, and Clay L. Pierce Surveys to Evaluate Fish... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 11 (2002)

Published Aug 11, 2002

Animal Modeling GAP Conservation and Science Goals: Rethinking the Underlying Biology Raymond J. O’Connor Comments Inspired by O’Connor Leona K. Svancara, William Kristan, and J. Michael Scott Prioritizing Conservation of Biodiversity Using... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 10 (2001)

Published Aug 11, 2001

NATIONAL NOTES An Integrated GAP and NBII FEATURES Gap Analysis of the Flora of Wyoming Walter Fertig and Robert Thurston Managing Biodiversity in Oklahoma: A Case for Private Land Conservation William L.... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 9 (2000)

Published Aug 11, 2000

FEATURES National Notes Kevin Gergely FEATURES Enhancing the GAP Organization Lief Horwitz, John Mosesso, and Rob Dietz Partnering in Great Plains Regional GAP Glennis Kaufman, Jack Cully, Geoffrey Henebry, Jonathan Jenks, Kevin... Learn more >>

USGS GAP Bulletin 8 (1999)

Published Aug 11, 1999

DIRECTOR’S CORNER FEATURES GAP: The First Ten Years Elisabeth Brackney and Patrick Crist GAP: The Next Ten Years Michael Jennings, John Mosesso, and J. Michael Scott Land Cover Characterization in Gap Analysis:... Learn more >>