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Delaware River

Published Nov 3, 2010


The goal of the Delaware River basin gap analysis project is to identify gaps in biodiversity conservation in the Delaware River basin, particularly in the freshwater riverine portion of the watershed. The databases and spatial data layers created for the project will provide resource managers with the information needed to make those management decisions critical to ensuring the health and diversity of the Delaware River basin and its inhabitants.

Datasets Created:

  • Species inventory, including 217 fish species and 17 freshwater bivalves
  • Biological data linked to stream segment dataset based on the National Hydrography Dataset Plus (NHDPlus)
  • Data from the Northeast Aquatic Habitat Classification System integrated into stream segment database
  • Socioeconomic data assembled and added to the stream segment dataset for use in assessing potential human stressors
  • Initiated development of a hierarchical freshwater classification system for the Delaware River basin
  • Generated Ecological Drainage Units using fish occurrence data and HUC8 watershed boundaries
  • Work is under way on Aquatic Ecological System Types