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Missouri River

Published Nov 2, 2010

The Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership (MoRAP) is collaborating with the states of Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota to complete a gap analysis of riverine biodiversity for the entire Missouri River Basin. MoRAP received funds from the USGS National Gap Analysis Program to complete an Aquatic Ecological Classification for Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska, and also to develop predicted distribution maps for all fish species throughout Nebraska.


The intent of this project was to integrate the datasets from two projects covering the Missouri River Basin — the Upper Missouri River Basin Aquatic Gap Analysis Project conducted by South Dakota State University and completed in 2005 (Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, South Dakota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, South Dakota State University 2005), and a project titled Using GIS and an Aquatic Ecological Classification System to Classify and Map Distinct Riverine Ecosystems Throughout EPA Region 7 conducted by the Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership, University of Missouri and completed in 2006 (Sowa and Diamond 2006).

A number of compatibility issues existed for seamlessly merging the datasets from these two projects in a manner necessary for conducting an aquatic gap analysis for the entire Missouri River Basin. This project addressed these obstacles in order to develop seamless and fully standardized geospatial data for the core Aquatic GAP datasets throughout the Missouri River Basin. These compatibility issues consisted primarily of

  • incomplete coverage of the Missouri River Basin
  • missing component datasets and
  • data incompatibility.

Datasets created:

  • maps of a hierarchical classification of riverine ecosystems,
  • predicted fish species distribution maps,
  • stewardship maps, and
  • maps of human threats

These datasets provide complete, seamless and standardized coverage of the core data layers that are necessary for conducting an aquatic gap analysis for the entire Missouri River Basin.

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