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Published Dec 12, 2010


  • The principal goal of the Missouri Aquatic Gap pilot project was to identify riverine species, habitats, and ecosystems and species not adequately represented (i.e., gaps) in the matrix of conservation lands in Missouri.
  • Provide spatially explicit data that could be used by natural resource professionals, legislators, and the public to make more informed decisions for prioritizing opportunities to fill these conservation gaps and to devise strategic approaches for developing effective long-term biodiversity conservation plans.
  • As a pilot project for a national program, we also had the goal of developing a broadly applicable gap analysis methodology. We addressed this goal by ensuring that we utilized nationally standardized and available geospatial data wherever possible and also by devising a flexible conservation assessment methodology, which can accommodate the differences in data availability (e.g., biological) that exists among states across the United States.

The Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership (MoRAP) is also collaborating with the states of Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota to complete a gap analysis of riverine biodiversity for the entire Missouri River Basin.

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