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More Conference Posters

Published Aug 12, 2002

The following are some of the posters presented at GAP conferences from between 1997 and 2002:

Accuracy Assessment of South Carolina GAP Analysis Mammal and Herpetofauna Species Richness Models (2002) Modeling PPT
Ecological Risk Assessment in Northeastern Illinois: An Application of GAP(2002) Application PDF
Improving Prediction Accuracy of a Mammal Habitat Model in the Hudson River Valley of New York State (2002) Modeling PPT
Intrinsic Sources of Error in Habitat Models: Rounding Error and Variation in Population Densities (2002) Modeling PDF
Kansas GAP Education Project: A State Project Resource Manual (2002) Outreach PPT
Puerto Rico GAP Analysis Project (2002) Land Cover PDF
Radiometric Standardization Method Utilized by SWReGAP: COST (2002) Modeling PDF
Sonoran Desert Vegetation: Preliminary Results of the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project in Arizona (2002) Land Cover PPT
Testing the Robustness of the Protected Area System of Ontario: The Temporal Dimension (2002) International PDF
Use of MN-GAP Land Cover Data to Map Gypsy Moth Preference Areas in Minnesota (2002) Applications PDF
2001 National Gap Analysis Program Meeting (2001) Outreach PDF
Evaluation of Two GIS Techniques to Create Aquatic Habitat Layers in Small South Dakota Impoundments (2001) Aquatic PPT
Relationship between lake substrate sample point density and accuracy of ArcView 3.2 Spatial Analyst interpolated maps (2001) Application PPT
Soutwest Regional Gap Analysis Project: Enhanicing Your Conservation Options beyond Political Boundaries (2001) Conservation Planning PDF
Use of ancillary data to refine a landcover map of South Carolina’s Blue Ridge Province (2001) Land Cover PDF
Using GIS Applications to Estimate Wild Turkey Home Ranges and Habitat Use in Northeaster South Dakota (2001) Application PPT
Application of DEM-derived Floodplain Models to Vegetation Mapping in Kentucky (2000) Modeling PDF
Corn Fields to Soccor Fields: Challenges of Vegetation Classification in Urban Expansion Areas (2000) Land Cover PDF
Evolving Tools and Directions for the Next Generation of GAP in Hawaii (2000) Outreach PDF
Is Vertebrate Richness an Adequate Umbrella for Protecting Biodiversity: Spatial Correspondence between Ant and Mammals (2000) Application PDF
Metadata: Making Data More Valuable (2000) Outreach PDF
Regionalizing Gap Analysis Data: Lessons Learned, Consequences Evaluated (2000) Modeling PPT
Using Ranges of Terrestrial Vertebrates to Analyze Patterns of Species Diversity in Kentucky (2000) Modeling PDF
Red River Alluvial Floodplain Habitats with Potential for Restoration (1999) Modeling PDF
Red River Valley Louisiana GAP Data (1999) Conservation Planning JPG
Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) GIS Demonstration Project (1999) Modeling JPG
Increased Spatial Resoulution in Primary Data: The Scale and Aggregation Problem Revisited (1998) Modeling PDF
Is Vertebrate Richness an Adequate Umbrella for Protecting Biodiversity: Spatial Correspondence between Ant and Mammals (1998) Conservation Planning PDF
Louisiana Gap Analysis Project (1998) Outreach PDF
Patterns of Terrestrial Vertebrate Richness and Fire in the Arid and Semi-arid Western United States (1998) Modeling PDF
Application of TX-GAP Data for Agricultural Assessment (1997) Application HTML
A Comparison of Actual vs. Potential Natural Vegetation in the Western U.S.: An Interpretation of the Differences(1997) Land Cover HTML
Landscape-Level Habitat Modeling for Amphibians and Reptiles in West Virginia(1997) Modeling HTML
Louisiana Gap Project(1997) Land Cover HTML
Mapping Land Cover Classification Errors(1997) Modeling HTML
Mapping Land Cover on Barrier Islands Using Airborne Videography(1997) Land Cover HTML
Mapping Land Stewardship in Montana(1997) Conservation Planning HTML
A Multi-Seasonal Approach to Mapping Kansas’ Natural Vegetation(1997) Land Cover HTML