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More Conference Presentations

Published Aug 12, 2002

The following are some of the presentations from GAP conferences between 1997 and 2002:

Title Category Format
Assessing Accuracy Assessment in Gap Analysis: Examining when it may be Neither Accuracy nor Assessment (2002) Modeling PPT
Challenges of Mapping the Land Cover of Illinois (2002) Land Cover PPT
The Development and Future Applications of a Species-Habitat Affinity Database for the Statewide Aquatic Gap Analysis Project In Virginia (2002) Aquatic PPT
A Fuzzy Accuracy Assessment of the Mid-Atlantic Gap Analysis Land Cover Map Using Airborne Videography (2002) Land Cover PPT
Gap Analysis of Special Features: General Discussion and A Case Study of Amphibians and Mammals of West Virginia’s Caves (2002) Application PPT
Hudson River Valley Habitat Vulnerability Assessment Project (2002) Application PPT
Mapping an Ecological Systems Classification: Testing Concepts (2002) Modeling PPT
National Gap Analysis Program 12th Annual Meeting (2002) Outreach PPT
A New Approach for Testing the Accuracy of Vertebrate Occurence Predictions from Gap Analysis (2002) Modeling PPT
Opportunities for and Barriers to GAP Implementation (2002) Application PPT
Regional Gap Analysis and Research in Great Lakes Tributary Rivers and Streams and Coastal Habitats (2002) Aquatic PPT
Status of Land Cover Mapping for the Southwest Gap Analysis Project (2002) Land Cover PPT
Using Gap Analysis Data in an Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Future Mountaintop Mining in West Virginia (2002) Application PPT
Gap Analysis Program for Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, Mexico (2001) International PPT
Integration of GIS and Remote Sensing for Mapping Land Cover of the Northern Great Plains(2001) Land Cover PPT