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South Dakota

Published Dec 10, 2010

South Dakota began work on the aquatic portion of their gap analysis project during the summer of 2000. The following objectives must be completed to evaluate aquatic ecosystems in South Dakota:

  • Define range extents for all fish species within 11-digit hydrologic units occurring in South Dakota based on collection data.
  • Determine species richness by 11-digit hydrologic units.
  • Define habitat affinities for each fish species in South Dakota from literature review and collection sites.
  • Predict occurrences of each fish species in river reaches by similarity of stream properties to habitat affinities and collection sites.
  • Determine protection offered each fish species by hydrologic unit and river reach using stewardship layer previously created for SD-GAP.

To accomplish these objectives, we are following methods developed by Missouri GAP for a pilot Aquatic GAP project. This prototype focuses mainly on rivers. Lakes are included only if they have both an inlet and outlet stream, but fish species within a particular lake are not included.

For more information about the South Dakota Aquatic Gap Program, please visit their website.