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USGS GAP Bulletin 10 (2001)

Published Aug 11, 2001


An Integrated GAP and NBII

Gap Analysis of the Flora of Wyoming
Walter Fertig and Robert Thurston

Managing Biodiversity in Oklahoma: A Case for Private Land Conservation
William L. Fisher and Mark S. Gregory

The Gap Analysis Program on the Assessment of Nature Reserves of Mexico
César Cantú , J. Michael Scott, and R. Gerald Wright


Preclassification:  An Ecologically Predictive Landform Model
Gerald Manis, John Lowry, and R. Douglas Ramsey

A Methodological Study for Accuracy Assessment of GAP Land Cover Maps
Sarah  M. Nusser, Erwin E. Klaas, Carsten H. Botts, and Robin McNeely

An Evaluation of Helicopter Use for Collecting Land Cover Data for Southwest ReGAP in Colorado
Donald L. Schrupp, Dianne D. Osborne, and Lee E. O’Brien


Modeling Reptile and Amphibian Range Distributions from Species Occurrences and Landscape Variables
Geoffrey M. Henebry, Brian C. Putz, and James W. Merchant

Assessing the Accuracy of Gap Analysis Predicted Distributions of Idaho Amphibians and Reptiles
Charles R. Peterson, Stephen R. Burton, Davis S. Pilliod, John R. Lee, John O. Cossel, Jr., and Robin L. Llewellyn


Taking Refuge-GAP a Step Further: The GAP Ecosystem Data Explorer Tool in the Roanoke-Tar-Neuse-Cape Fear Ecosystem
Steven G. Williams, Casson Stallings, John Ann Shearer, and Alexa J. McKerrow

Barriers to Use of the GAP Database by Local and Regional Land Use Planners in New Mexico
Russ Winn  and Diane-Michele Prindeville

Biodiversity Predictions: Integrating Urban Growth Models with Land Cover Data and Species Habitat Information
Christopher B. Cogan

A Method to Assess Risk of Habitat Loss to Development: A Colorado Case Study
David M. Theobald, Donald Schrupp, and Lee E. O’Brien

Planting Seeds for Conservation Planning in Tennessee
Marty Marina


Idaho Gap Analysis Project
Leona Svancara

West Virginia Gap Analysis Project
Charles Yuill and Jacqueline Strager



ESA Releases New Standards

Announcing National GAP Annual Meeting in West Virginia

New Flash Movie to Explain GAP

Suggested citation: Brackney, E.S., R. Brannon, K.J. Gergely, and M.D. Jennings, editors. 2001. Gap Analysis Bulletin No. 10. USGS/BRD/Gap Analysis Program, Moscow, Idaho.