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USGS GAP Bulletin 12 (2003)

Published Aug 11, 2003


A Comprehensive Biological Inventory Database for the Iowa Aquatic GAP Project
Anna Loan-Wilsey, Robin L. McNeely, Patrick D. Brown, Kevin L. Kane, and Clay L. Pierce

Surveys to Evaluate Fish Distribution Models for the Upper Missouri River Basin Aquatic GAP Project
Steve E. Freeling, Charles R. Berry, Jr., Ryan M. Sylvester, Steven S. Wall, and Jonathan A. Jenks

An Overview of the Data developed for the Missouri Aquatic GAP Project and an Example of How it Is Being Used for Conservation Planning
Scott P. Sowa, Gust M. Annis, David D. Diamond, Dennis Figg, Michael E. Morey, and Timothy Nigh


A Framework to Extend Gap Analysis to Multi-Objective Conservation Planning
David Stoms, Frank Davis, Chris Costello, Elia Machado, and Josh Metz


Land Cover Mapping Using StatMod: An ArcView © 3.X Extension for Classification Trees Using S-PLUS ©
John Lowry, Christine Garrard, and Doug Ramsey

The Wide Dynamic Range Vegetation Index and its Potential Utility for Gap Analysis
Geoffrey M. Henebry, Andrés Viña, and Anatoly A. Gitelson

Digital Aerial Photograph Interpretation: Examples and Techniques from Arizona and the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Program
Keith Pohs and Kathryn Thomas

Hierarchical Land Cover Classification for Hawaii
Steven Hochart, Dan Dorfman, Samuel Gon III, and Dwight Matsuwaki


Accuracy Assessment for Range Distributions of Terrestrial Vertebrates Modeled From Species Occurrences and Landscape Variables
Geoffrey M. Henebry, Brian C. Putz, Milda R. Vaitkus, and James W. Merchant

Evaluating the Use of Statistical Decision Trees for Modeling Avian Habitats and Regional Range Distributions in the Great Plains
Milda R. Vaitkus, Geoffrey M. Henebry, Brian C. Putz, and James W. Merchant


Iowa Gap Analysis Project
Kevin L. Kane

Kentucky Gap Analysis Project
Keith Wethington

Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey Gap Analysis Project
D. Ann Rasberry

South Dakota Gap Analysis Project
Jonathan A. Jenks

Texas Gap Analysis Project
Nick C. Parker



Suggested citation: Brackney, E.S., and M.D. Jennings, editors. 2003. Gap Analysis Bulletin No.12. USGS/BRD/Gap Analysis Program, Moscow, Idaho.