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USGS GAP Bulletin 15 (2007)

Published Aug 9, 2007


Assigning conservation management status to Alaska’s lands
Corinne Smith, Shane Feirer, Randy Hagenstein, Amalie Couvillion, Sarah Leonard

Using GAP data to promote Land Trust goals
Jill Maxwell and Karen Dvornich

Biodiversity data for land conservation: A case study

Klugh Jordan


Land Cover

Land cover map for Map Zones 8 and 9 developed from SageMap, GNN, and SWReGAP: A pilot for NWGAP
James S. Kagan, Janet L. Ohmann, Matthew Gregory and Claudine Tobalske

Testing the utility of high resolution SPOT data to determine physiognomic classes for modeling ecological systems in the Northern Rockies Ecoregion

Anne Davidson

A habitat modeling database for the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project
Kenneth G. Boykin and Robert A. Deitner

Animal Modeling

Novel approaches to mapping vertebrate occurrence for the Northwest Gap Analysis Project
Jocelyn Aycrigg and Gary Beauvais

Using GAP in landbird biological objective-setting: Process and examples from oak habitats in the Pacific Northwest
Erin Stockenberg, Bob Altman, Michael Green, and John Alexander


Use of explicit decision rules for identification of conservation priorities in Eastern San Diego County
Adam Wagschal and Melanie Ann Casey


Improving predicted distribution models for riverine species: An example from Nebraska
Scott P. Sowa, Gust Annis, Michael E. Morey, and A. Garringer

Ohio Aquatic Gap Analysis
S. Alex Covert, Stephanie P. Kula, and Laura A. Simonson

Final Report Summaries:

Hawaii Gap Analysis Project
Barbara Gibson

Wisconsin Gap Analysis Project
Jill Maxwell

Nebraska Gap Analysis Project
G.M. Henebry

Suggested citation:

J. Maxwell, Gergely, K., Aycrigg, J., Davidson, A., Canonico, G., and Coffey, N., editors. 2007. Gap Analysis Bulletin No. 15. USGS/BRD/Gap Analysis Program, Moscow, ID.