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USGS GAP Bulletin 17 (2009)

Published Jul 29, 2010

GAP Bulletin 17 covers program activity and features for 2009.   Download the entire Bulletin 17 (5.3mb, PDF), or individual articles:


Program Overview
Kevin Gergely

National Land Cover Developments
Anne Davidson

GAP and the Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US) Partnership

Lisa Duarte

The Gap Analysis Program’s Approach to Mapping National Species Ranges and Distribution Models
Jocelyn Aycrigg

Survey Examines Use of GAP Web Site

Jill Maxwell


Mapping Ecological Systems with a Random Forest Model: Trade- offs between Errors and Bias
Emilie Grossmann, Janet Ohmann, James Kagan, Heather May and Matthew Gregory

Conservation in the Wyoming Basins Ecoregion: Planning Today by Assessing Future Scenarios

Kei Sochi, Jeffrey S. Evans and Joseph M. Kiesecker

Development of an Aquatic Gap Analysis for the Delaware River Basin
Cara A. Campbell and Barbara St. John White

Implementation of State Wildlife Action Plans: Conservation Impacts, Challenges and Enabling Mechanisms

David Stoms, Frank Davis and J. Michael Scott


Integrating Lidar in Modeling GAP Habitats
William A. Gould, Lee Vierling, and Sebastian Martinuzzi

U.S. Virgin Islands Gap Analysis Project
William A. Gould, Mariano Solórzano, and Gary Potts

Update on GAP Program Survey
Rudy M. Schuster

Determining the Utility of Using GAP Species Models to Define a  Conservation Reserve System: Summary Report
Phyllis Higman, Edward Schools, Helen Enander

USFWS Refuges and USGS/GAP Memorandum of Agreement
Erin Stockenberg

Alabama Gap Analysis Project
Amy L. Silvano, Kevin J. Kleiner, James B. Grand, Mark D. MacKenzie, Michael S. Mitchell, and Elise R. Irwin