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USGS GAP Bulletin 8 (1999)

Published Aug 11, 1999


GAP: The First Ten Years
Elisabeth Brackney and Patrick Crist

GAP: The Next Ten Years
Michael Jennings, John Mosesso, and J. Michael Scott

Land Cover Characterization in Gap Analysis: Past, Present, and Future
Collin Homer and Patrick Crist

Experience and Trends in Animal Distribution Modeling
Patrick Crist and J. Michael Scott

Identifying the Gaps, Locating the Reserves: Some Thoughts on Getting Gap Analysis into Conservation Practice
Patrick Crist and J. Michael Scott

Hawai‘i: A Tropical Insular Approach to Gap Analysis
Samuel M. Gon, III, Allen Allison, Ronald J. Cannarella, James D. Jacobi, Michael H. Kido, Stephen E. Miller, and Daniel E. Orodenker


Predictive Modeling of Rare Plant Species
Walter Fertig

Comparison of Satellite Imagery Interpretation Using Known Association/Alliance-Level Data
Vickie J. Smith, Chad J. Kopplin, Jonathan A. Jenks, Bruce K. Wylie, James E. Vogelmann, and Robert W. Klaver

Estimating and Mapping the Thematic Accuracy of GAP Land Cover Maps
Roland L. Redmond


On Vertebrate Generations and Plant Succession: Incorporating Vegetation Structural Attributes into Vertebrate Modeling
Francisco J. Vilella and Richard B. Minnis

EMAP Hexagon Coverage Included in South Dakota’s Sportsman’s Atlas
Vickie J. Smith, Chad J. Kopplin, and Jonathan A. Jenks


Kansas GAP: Preparing the Stewardship Layer
Holly Barcus, Jennifer Radcliff, and Rajesh Poudyal


Status Report: The Missouri Aquatic GAP Pilot Project
Scott P. Sowa

Landscape-Level Mapping of Fish for Pennsylvania Gap Analysis
Wayne Myers, David Argent, Joseph Bishop, Jay Stauffer, Jr., and Robert Carline

Applying Gap Analysis towards the Protection of an Endangered Species of Minnow ( notropis topeka) in South Dakota
Steven S. Wall, Carmen M. Blausey, Jonathan A. Jenks, and Charles R. Berry, Jr.

Update on New York Aquatic GAP Pilot Project
Marcia S. Meixler and Mark B. Bain

Assessing Data Quality and Information Distribution Prospects for County Conservation Planning Using New Mexico Gap Analysis Data
Robert A. Deitner, Bruce C. Thompson, and Julie S. Prior-Magee

Incorporating Protection of Biodiversity into County Land Use Planning: A Gap Analysis Pilot Project in Pierce County, Washington
Christian Grue, Doug Pflugh, Wood Turner, Pat Iolavera, and Frank Westerlund

Designing Regional Conservation Portfolios: Filling the Gaps
David M. Stoms, Frank Davis, and Sandy Andelman

Landscape Diversity as the Basis for a Reserve Design Initiative in Vermont
David E. Capen, Charles E. Ferree, and Ernest W. Buford

Digital Atlas of Idaho: A GIS Approach to Teaching Natural History
Stephen Burton and Charles R. Peterson

A Gap Analysis of the Lewis & Clark Trail: Fort Peck Dam to Great Falls, Montana
Patrick Crist and Michael Jennings

Biodiversity Impacts from Urban Growth
Christopher Cogan

Applications of New York GAP Data
Charles R. Smith



GAP Named Winner of Major National Award

Recent Publications by GAP Researchers

Suggested citation: Brackney, E.S., R. Brannon, P.J. Crist, and K.J. Gergely, editors. 1999. Gap Analysis Bulletin No. 8. USGS/BRD/Gap Analysis Program, Moscow, Idaho.