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USGS GAP Bulletin 4 (1994)

Published Aug 11, 1994

Drector’s Corner: Status and Directions of the Gap Analysis Program In 1995
J. Michael Scott


A Discussion of the Adoption and Diffusion of Gap Analysis as a Technical Innovation
Michael Jennings

The Aquatic Component of Gap Analysis
Michael Jennings and Patricia Heglund

Steps in Strategies to Manage Biodiversity: Identification, Selection, and Design of Special Management Areas
Blair Csuti

SPECTRUM – Satellite Image Interpretation with Automated Delineation: A Workshop-Based Assessment of SPECTRUM Software
Gail Thelin, Wayne Myers, Ann Rasberry, and others

Suggested citation: Brackney, E.S., and M.D. Jennings, editors. 1993. Gap Analysis Bulletin No. 5. USGS/BRD/Gap Analysis Program, Moscow, Idaho.