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USGS GAP Bulletin 7 (1998)

Published Aug 11, 1998


Decision Support Systems: New Tools for Data Users
Patrick Crist

Refuge-GAP: A GAP Decision Support System for Refuge Planning
Margo Herdendorf and Patrick Crist

Gap Analysis for Ant Species
Craig R. Allen, L. Pearlstine, and D. P. Wojcik

Unprotected At-Risk Plant Communities of the Western U.S.
R. Gerald Wright, J. Michael Scott, Shannon Mann, & Michael Murray

Compositional Groups and Ecological Complexes: A Method for Alliance Based Vegetation Mapping
Leonard Pearlstine, Alexa McKerrow, Milo Pyne, Steve Williams, and Stacy McNulty

Gap Analysis in Riverine Environments
Scott P. Sowa

Final Report Summary: New York Aquatic GAP Pilot Project
Marcia S. Meixler and Mark B. Bain

Making Gap Analysis Work for New York Waters: A State Perspective on Aquatic GAP
Mark B. Bain and Marcia S. Meixler

Gap Analysis for Plant Species
Walter Fertig, William A. Reiners, and Ronald L. Hartman

Vegetation Alliance Descriptions of the Western U.S.
Marion Reid and Patrick Comer

Rule-Based Image Interpretation
Alexa J. McKerrow and Steven G. Williams

Applying Gap Analysis to County Land Use Planning in Washington State
Matt Stevenson

The NatureMapping Program’s First Five Years
Karen Dvornich

Illinois GAP Partners with Conservation 2000
Jocelyn L. Aycrigg, Mark G. Joselyn, Michael R. Jeffords, and Patrick W. Brown

A Partnership Providing Field Data for Gap Analysis: Texas Tech Museum and Texas GAP
Nick C. Parker, Robert J. Baker, Robert D. Bradley, Clyde Jones, R. Richard Monk, David J. Schmidly, Raymond W. Sims, and Frank D. Yancey, II

Gap Analysis for Mexico: An Emerging Program
Vincent Burke and Carlos Gonzalez-Rebeles

A Technique for Representing Diminishing Habitat Occupation: Feathering Predicted Species Distributions near Range Limits in Maine
Randall B. Boone and William B. Krohn

Suggested citation: Brackney, E.S., and M.D. Jennings, editors. 1998. Gap Analysis Bulletin No. 7. USGS/BRD/Gap Analysis Program, Moscow, Idaho.