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USGS GAP Bulletin 9 (2000)

Published Aug 11, 2000


National Notes
Kevin Gergely


Enhancing the GAP Organization
Lief Horwitz, John Mosesso, and Rob Dietz

Partnering in Great Plains Regional GAP
Glennis Kaufman, Jack Cully, Geoffrey Henebry, Jonathan Jenks, Kevin Kane, Ervin Klaas, James Merchant, Vickie Smith, and Larry Strong


Collection and Processing of a High Volume of Field Data for the Missouri Land Use/Land Cover Mapping Project
David D. Diamond, Taisia M. Gordon, and Kan He

Using Ecological Systems as Land Cover Map Units for GAP
Shannon Menard and Chris Lauver

The Development of Mapping Zones to Assist in Land Cover Mapping Over Large Geographic Areas: A Case Study of the Southwest ReGAP Project
Gerald Manis, Collin Homer, R. Douglas Ramsey, John Lowry, Todd Sajwaj, and Scott Graves

Managing Land Cover Map Units among States, Regions, and the USNVC
Shannon Menard

Challenges in Land Cover Classification in Areas of Rapid Urban Expansion
Linda Schwab

Expert Review for Land Cover: Integrating Information from Specific Comments and Evaluating the Results
Geoffrey M. Henebry, James W. Merchant, Justin W. Fischer, and Douglas Garrison


An Exploratory Look at Combining Vertebrate Models from Several States: An Overview of Vertebrate Modeling in the Western States
Ree Brannon

Regional Approaches to Modeling Animal Distributions: Status of Current Projects and Outlook
Patrick Crist

Regional Coordination of Animal Modeling in the Southeast
Jeff Waldon

Regional Coordination of Animal Modeling in the Upper Midwest
Daniel Fitzpatrick

Regional Coordination of Animal Modeling in the Great Plains
Jack Cully, T. Hoernemann, and G. Kaufman

Approach to Regional Animal Modeling in the Southwest
Bruce Thompson and Ken Boykin


Colorado Gap Analysis Project
Donald Schrupp

Florida Gap Analysis Project
Leonard Pearlstine, Scot E. Smith, and Wiley M. Kitchens

Louisiana Gap Analysis Project
James Johnston and Steven Hartley

Maine Gap Analysis Project
William B. Krohn, Randall B. Boone, Steven A. Sader, Jeffrey A. Hepinstall, Sandra M. Schaefer, and Stephanie L. Painton

Montana Gap Analysis Project
Roland L. Redmond, Melissa M. Hart, J. Chris Winne, Wendy A. Williams, Polly C. Thornton, Zhenkui Ma, Claudine M. Tobalske, Michele M. Thornton, K. Poody McLaughlin, Troy P. Tady, Foster B. Fisher, and Steven W. Running

New York Gap Analysis Project
Charles R. Smith

Oregon Gap Analysis Project
James S. Kagan, John C. Hak, Blair Csuti, Chris W. Kiilsgaard, and Eleanor P. Gaines

Pennsylvania Gap Analysis Project
Wayne Myers, Joseph Bishop, Robert Brooks, Timothy O’Connell, David Argent, Gerald Storm, Jay Stauffer, and Robert Carline

Tennessee Gap Analysis Project
Jeanette Jones and Susan Marden

Virginia Gap Analysis Project
Scott D. Klopfer and Julie McClafferty


Place Prioritization for Texas Using GAP Data: The Use of Biodiversity and Environmental Surrogates within Socioeconomic Constraints
Sahotra Sarkar, Nick C. Parker, Justin Garson, Anshu Aggarwal, and Sheri Haskell

An Application of a Reserve Selection Algorithm for Integrated Planning of Biodiversity and Nonfuel Minerals Exploration
Ree Brannon

Creating a Conservation Plan for Latah County, Idaho
Leona K. Svancara, Robbyn J.F. Abbitt, Gina M. Minshall, R. Gerry Wright



Serving GAP Data on the Web: Expanding Usability and Accessibility

Announcing National GAP Annual Meeting in South Dakota

Suggested citation: Brackney, E.S., R. Brannon, P.J. Crist, and K.J. Gergely, editors. 2000. Gap Analysis Bulletin No. 9. USGS/BRD/Gap Analysis Program, Moscow, Idaho.